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VIDEO: 30 Day Journey, Day 1

Watch, laugh, and join us on our 30 Day Journey of Healthy Living with Nutrition, Detox and Face & Body Sculpting--Fueled by ARBONNE! Posted Every Saturday! Don't Miss It!

Day 1 - Video Introduction

We step out of ourselves, our habits and all those things that keep us stagnated, to enter a 30 day journey of detox, nutrition, fuel for the mind and body; while for every pound we lose, we tighten our skin, eliminate cellulite, reduce our abdomen, shrink those arm-flaps and thighs, and undergo lymphatic drainage with our new pressotherapy treatment, to make you look and feel great. Get energized! We are just like you! We are going kicking and screaming--so COME ON! Laugh at us, celebrate with us, and see how Beauty By Design Face and Body Sculpting AND Arbonne (with Renee as our amazing coach!) can change your body and change your mind!

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